Stories by Kieren McCarthy

Explorer carved up by zero-day hole

Two new vulnerabilities have been discovered in Internet Explorer which allow a complete bypass of security and provide system access to a computer, including the installation of files on someone's hard disk without their knowledge, through a single click.

Symantec, Norton need vital patches in next 24 hours

Almost the entire range of Symantec Corp. security software, from Norton Internet Security through to the Symantec Firewall require urgent updates, the company has warned, after a series of four extremely critical vulnerabilities were found by security company eEye Digital Security Inc.

Check Point urges VPN software upgrade to close hole

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. is advising all customers not using the latest version of its VPN software to upgrade immediately following the discovery of a security hole that could allow remote system access.

Mac OS X riddled with security holes

Apple Computer has released a range of patches for security holes -- both old and new -- for its Mac OS X operating system, which it advises users to download immediately.

Major Explorer hole leaves Windows wide open

Another major security hole has been found in Internet Explorer which makes system access possible across all Windows platforms through a boundary error when connecting to a file server. Windows Explorer is also affected.

EU fines Microsoft, insists on new Windows

The European Commission has slapped Microsoft with a Euro 497.2 million (US$613 million) fine for abusing its operating system monopoly. In a statement, it said Microsoft has acted "as a brake on innovation" and harmed both the market and consumers by producing "less choice and higher prices".

Sirocom bets on flexibility to steal VPN market

LONDON (02/13/2004) - Virtual network operator Sirocom has made a dive for the expanding virtual private network market by offering a flexible IP-over-Ethernet service across the UK that could allow companies to expand or contract their bandwidth requirements as needed.

Real Player struck by massive security hole

LONDON (02/05/2004) - Media player Real Player -- one of the most used pieces of software on the Internet -- has been struck by several highly critical vulnerabilities that could allow a malicious user system access to your PC.