Stories by Darren Greenwood

Meridian claims major savings in going green

Meridian Energy, which markets itself as a sustainable “green” power company, has just moved into new offices, which the company says uses 60% less power and 70% less water than comparable buildings.

Integrated PoS drives retail efficiencies

When customers buy their plants at Oderings Nurseries, staff can quickly scan the barcodes on the plants, which instantly tells the customer how much to pay and also records the sale at head office.

Future Eftpos will offer new retail possibilities

Eftpos, or electronic funds transfer point-of-sale, first appeared in New Zealand in 1984, only five year’s after the country’s first bank automated teller machine was installed. The first terminal operated from a service station and a supermarket attached to a BNZ bank computer.

AUT defines new markets as IT school hits 40

“Computing can be regarded as having succeeded beyond everyone’s wildest dreams,” says Ajit Narayanan, the new head of the School of Computing and Mathematical Services at the Auckland University of Technology (AUT).

Tuhoe to roll out network to 2,000 homes

New Zealand’s first iwi-focused wireless broadband project is being rolled out by the Tuhoe tribe. It will see around 2,000 homes linked in a $1.5 million, three-year project.