Stories by Darren Greenwood

ICT suppliers told to go green or lose govt deals

ICT suppliers will soon have to meet sustainability standards if they want to sell products or services to the government and the wider public sector.
If businesses don’t make the grade, they may not win government business.

Appliances on the network

Traditionally, all the functions of a computer were written as software applications running on top of a general-purpose operating system.

Telecom's oversight group defends its credentials

The two independent members of Telecom’s Independent Oversight Group (IOG) have defended their appointments as industry players such as TUANZ and CallPlus question the independence and “hands on” experience of the members.

Genesis Energy beats billing change deadline

Agile development and the lessons learned by Australian utilities were vital to Genesis Energy’s quest for a new billing system — and helped it implement the project in just nine months.

Kiwi businesses revisit core applications

Strong local financial results from enterprise software vendors last year are just one sign that many organisations are replacing or upgrading their core applications.

‘Presence’ boosts take-up of Voice over IP

Voice over IP has been around a long time, longer than we might think.The first experimental Network Voice Protocol was created as early as 1973 for ARPANET, a forerunner to the internet. The technology for transmitting voice conversations over the internet has been available to end users since at least the early 1980s.