Stories by Andrea Malcolm

Creating a healthy storage strategy

Data storage is continually demanding more capacity, greater bandwidth and, as a partial consequence, is becoming increasingly complex to manage and protect.

Email bridges Persian Gulf

Email from New Zealand sailors aboard Navy frigate Te Mana on duty in the Persian Gulf is making its way home via satellite.

Slik tool to check for vehicle info

A service originally developed to ease data migration to JD Edwards’ ERP software is to be used to allow car buyers to check the background of prospective purchases.

MS fumbles anti-Linux PR

A Microsoft-commissioned case study on a New Zealand-based reseller's website touts the example of a South Island company switching from Linux to MS Small Business Server on the grounds of performance. But according to the reseller which implemented the changeover, it's more a case of finding the right technology fit.

EMC storage takes aim at Unix, Windows users

EMC's Symmetrix storage servers have long been the domain of mainframe-heavy organisations such as banks and government departments, but the newest, modular offerings in the range aim to push down into the Unix and Windows markets.

Consultant sceptical about buyout

Australian accounting software vendor MYOB is to buy Kiwi concern NZA Gold but, on the basis of past international buy-outs of local products, accounting software consultant Rob Clarke wonders if the deal will ultimately founder.

Massey eyes supercomputer grid

Massey University is assessing the interest of New Zealand organisations in establishing grid computing in this country.

NZOSS incorporation closer

The Open Source Society (NZOSS) will be incorporated by the time of its inaugural annual general meeting on March 15. The main purpose of the Saturday meeting will be to ratify the society’s constitution, says chairman Peter Harrison.