Stories by Mark Hall

Cloning the CIO

After Capitol One Financial in Falls Church, Virginia, recently decided to scrap its experiment with co-CIOs, Computerworld US' Mark Hall thought it would be worthwhile to check on how a similar management structure is working at Omaha-based online brokerage Ameritrade Holding. Here's the exchange between Hall and co-CIOs Mok Choe and Raymond Dury.

Barrett sees IT future in peer-to-peer technology

Intel CEO Craig Barrett last week told an audience of 4000 developers at the company's semiannual technical conference that peer-to-peer computing is becoming a technology "that IT managers are going to have to worry about".

Jobs wows Macworld with new client OS

Steve Jobs, who has dropped the "interim" from his role as chief executive officer of Apple, has demonstrated publicly for the first time the client version of Mac OS X and new Internet tools before a packed and cheering auditorium here.