Seagate DMS manages servers remotely

Seagate Software is offering a suite that enables remote server administration.

Remote network management is increasingly becoming integrated with the latest hardware solutions from the major vendors. But if you are not ready to upgrade your server to obtain remote administration, it may to pay you to take a look at version 2 of Seagate Software's Desktop Management Suite (DMS).

DMS represents a powerful integration of inventory, software distribution, remote control modules and virus protection software which offer IT administrators a powerful, unified desktop solution.

Applications featured in DMS include WinLAND, automated 32-bit LAN inventory and assessment management software; WinINSTALL, a 16-bit and 32-bit software distribution solution; and Virus Control. All these applications are held together by an updated version of Proxy, which is now able to let the administrator view and govern 32-bit Windows workstations, a feature new to DMS version 2.

Also added to version 2 is Software Metering and Resource Tracking (SMART), an application which enables the network administrator to monitor application compliance and control software usage. SMART produces detailed historical reports allowing the tracing of applications over a period of time, including which users access an application and when.

WinLAND is a high-performance 32-bit automated asset management application, designed to simplify the collection, tracking and reporting of networked and stand-alone IBM compatible PCs and Macintosh hardware and software inventory. Whether data collected is IBM or Mac-related, native Macintosh collection agents built into WinLAND are able to store the data in IBM-based databases. WinLAND, which supports the Desktop Management Interface (DMI) standard is ODBC level-2 compliant and includes a powerful SQL database engine compatible with third-party programs.

Virus Control has been included to protect workstations and file servers using an interlocking system of blocks and safeguards, and its appearance in DMS ensures your network has an effective defence against virus attacks. If detected, Virus Control lets you deal with the problem in a number of ways--including the ability to either quarantine it or delete and repair the host file. The progress of a virus can be tracked across the network with the aid of flexible reporting and logging options, features which also aid in the discovery of a virus' entry point.

Application installation on to a networked workstation is controlled by WinINSTALL, whether it runs Windows 95, Windows NT, or even Windows 3.1x. The 32-bit support includes full support for long file names, 32-bit Registry and Windows 95 shortcuts. WinINSTALL allows fully compressed remote packages to be created centrally on the network and delivered via modem connections or email links to laptops and remote PCs not connected directly to the network.

Seagate's Desktop Management Suite version 2 has a retail price of $3565 (excluding GST) for a 50-user licence, and is distributed locally by Information Networks, phone 0800 100 907.