E-commerce company views New Zealand as ideal market

New Zealand is an ideal market for Internet-based electronic commerce according to a company that specialises in the technology.
  • Phil Parent (Unknown Publication)
  • 24 November, 1996 22:00

New Zealand is an ideal market for Internet-based electronic commerce solutions, says InterWorld Technology Ventures vice-president for application development, Patrick Leung.

The local market is about to become even more competitive with the arrival of InterWorld, a leading provider of electronic commerce and enterprise software solutions for the Internet.

InterWorld established its presence in the Asia-Pacific region in September with the establishment of a Sydney head office.

The company provides a framework for companies to distribute products and services through the World Wide Web. Results have been encouraging: US-based MicroWarehouse clocked up sales of more than $US1 million over the Internet in October 1996 using Interworld products.

"New Zealand companies have already shown an enthusiastic up-take of Internet technology," says Leung.

InterWorld's suite is based on Oasis, an object-oriented, plug-and-play framework that enables enterprises and electronic merchants to create customised Internet and intranet solutions. Oasis provides a backbone for businesses and organisations to plug in InterWorld's application modules and use the Internet as a commercial medium..

InterWorld's is on the Web at