Silent One heads north

New Zealand Post-backed start-up Silent One is joining forces with Auckland businesses and opening an office in the city.

New Zealand Post-backed start-up Silent One is joining forces with Auckland businesses and opening an office in the city.

The move comes after the three-year-old Wellington-based document management software producer announced major deals with the New Zealand Ministry of Defence and an unnamed Australian-owned financial institution.

The MOD deal sees their SilentOne software being used by 60 MOD staff, plus project managers in North America and Australia.

SilentOne integrates with Microsoft Office, letting users create, share and manage documents from within Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook. Both the contents of the documents and user-specified meta properties are fully indexed and searchable, allowing users to accurately locate documents.

“The result is flexible and easy to use, and as the security is applied top the document at the file-system level, we are confident that it is secure,” says Paul Stone, Network administrator for the Ministry of Defence.

The software can also track inward mail within the Ministry, replacing a system of logbooks, he says.

Earlier this month, Silent One announced a six-figure deal with a Sydney-based multi-national, which will see 1200 staff using the same software. The deal signed via partner KPMG Consulting is Silent One’s largest since Kiwi Dairies signed a 2000-user deal last year.

Pre-sales and Implementation Consultant Jeremy Scrivenor says the firm, which employs five in Wellington, is having “exciting times.”

In addition to this month's Auckland opening, a new version of SilentOne will be launched, and the company his working with other city businesses to shift its focus from document management to content management.

“We are in discussions with an Auckland reseller of CRM. We are looking for areas of synergy and we are also working with a workflow management company in Auckland,” says Scrivenor, saying details are still under-wraps.

Longer term, the company plans to develop products that sit across various platforms, not just Microsoft as at present. It plans to use SOAP technology so machines can talk with each other and will look at peer-to-peer services, he says.

New Zealand Post owns 50% of Silent One, with the rest privately held. Its other customers include the Employment Relations Service, the Auditor General and Trade New Zealand. Partners include Axon, Gen-i, KPMG and the Advantage Group.