E-marketing council addresses resource gap

An E-marketing council has been created by the Direct Marketing Association.

An E-Marketing Council has been created by the Direct Marketing Association.

It aims to address the growing resource gap for the "new economy", particularly skills shortages and lack of R&D.

Lee Parkinson, CEO of media company Hyperactive, outlined the role of the new council to agencies, consultants, suppliers, and Marketers at the Auckland launch last week.

"New Zealand faces a growing difficulty in training and retaining skilled staff; a problem compounded by a lack of support for research and development and concern about the possible impact of Government regulation," Parkinson said.

DMA CEO Keith Norris says the council will bring together the e-marketing industry to exchange ideas and increase knowledge.

"The council will establish a charter of professionalism, showcase international trends, promote best practice and benchmark industry salaries and remuneration," he said.

The E-Marketing Council will work with Government on resource and infrastructure issues, as well as work to protect consumers' rights and privacy and promote best practice in the industry.