Give a dog a phone

A week of IT

Asleep on the job

E-tales staff were somewhat surprised by Woosh's free gift-with-attendance at last week's media briefing. Rather than the USB fan from the launch event (Woosh — fan — geddit?) or the small reading light of the previous briefing (illuminating and informing the broadband segment — geddit?) journos were treated to a ... hammock.

Are we supposedly lying down on the job? Is the Woosh marketing team trying to suggest we're lazy dogs? Should umbrage be taken at the suggestion? We'd get in something of a lather over it all but the lunch was stupendous and multi-coursed and we really can't be bothered doing much of anything just now. [From now on all freebies to be delivered to my office – Ed.]

Managing multiple countries

Computerworld received a media release last week on behalf of Zensar, an Indian outsourcer and consultant. The release read "Zensar Technologies, a global software services organisation providing outsourcing, consulting and technology solutions, has appointed Sudhir Mathur as Country Manager, Australia/New Zealand."

As far as we know, New Zealand and Australia are still different countries, so shouldn't the job title read "countries manager" or "regional manager"? It's a trifling point and no doubt unintentional on Zansar's part, but someone is bound to have them on about it. might as well be us.

All the news that's fit to index

When a web search lets you down, the place to turn is newsgroups. An E-taler was surprised last week find his own posting was the first result of a Google Groups search — just 20 minutes after he posted it.

Give a dog a phone

US company PetsMobility has released the PetsCell, a mobile phone for dogs. The phone is attached to the dog's collar and when owners call their dogs, embedded software answers automatically and ensures they and only they are talking to their dog. An optional extra is a GPS-based tracking system, which will come in handy if your pet wanders off. Another optional extra is a camera phone. Anyone finding a stray PetsCell-carrying pooch can press a button on the phone which automatically dials the owner.

Memo to Cameron Robb, creator of PetsCell: can you add a function that will alert owners if their dog is barking excessively or toileting in inappropriate places?

Interstellar transfer

Best musically-enhanced phone message of the week: "You are being transferred to the attendant" ... music ... "Somewhere beyond the stars/I call to you ..."

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