Oracle still mum on PeopleSoft cuts

In neither-confirm-nor-deny mode
  • David Watson (Unknown Publication)
  • 06 February, 2005 22:00

Nearly two months after Oracle's acquisition of PeopleSoft was first announced, Oracle is still keeping quiet about how many ex-PeopleSoft staff in New Zealand have left the newly merged company.

Oracle Australia–New Zealand spokeswoman Tracy Postill says she can neither confirm nor deny rumours that 15 of PeopleSoft's approximately 40 New Zealand staff have left.

"We don't normally give local breakdowns," Postill says.

Globally, 5,000 staff, mainly from PeopleSoft sales and management, have left or are leaving the merged entity.

Computerworld understands PeopleSoft New Zealand head Andy Batchelor and several other senior PeopleSoft staffers travelled to Australia last week, but Postill wouldn't elaborate on the reason for their travel or say if it was in relation to the merger.

"We never discuss meetings."

Computerworld also understands former PeopleSoft account executive Mark Raos has left the company, possibly as a result of the Oracle takeover.