Gen-i brand to displace Computerland

Telecom settles on the Gen-i name

One of New Zealand's best-known and longest-lived IT brands, Computerland, is set to disappear.

Last week Telecom announced plans to merge the Gen-i and Computerland brands under the Gen-i label, although Computerland signs won't be coming down immediately — according to a statement from Gen-i, "the Computerland brand will continue to be seen in the marketplace for some time".

However, in the long term, the nine Computerland franchises around the country will be rebranded as Gen-i.

In a statement, Gen-i and Computerland general manager Chris Quin says "both the Gen-i and Computerland brands are highly valued and respected by our people and clients.

"But overriding that is the power of convergence — we can deliver that more effectively as one brand."

The Computerland franchises that will be rebranded will retain their independent ownership under the franchise scheme, Quin says.