LINZ could go all-online

Business case will be put to the new Cabinet
  • Stephen Bell (Unknown Publication)
  • 19 September, 2005 22:00

Land Information New Zealand is planning ways of getting to 100% online operation for surveying and dealing in land and related administrative procedures.

Linz’s Landonline system automates many of these functions and digitises the related information such as plans and transaction records, but some clients still lodge information manually.

“There has been discussion of progress to 100% e-lodgement,” says Linz spokesman Michael Mead, “and this includes the question of whether we make e-lodgement mandatory.”

This is naturally a sensitive question, and clients (such as surveyors and solicitors) and staff union the Public Service Association have been involved, he says.

Linz has written a business case to be put before the incoming Cabinet, Mead says. “We expect a decision later this year.”

Lodgement comprises surveys and their certification by local authorities and records of land dealing.

E-lodgement is faster and cheaper for Landonline customers, says Mead. Customers pay less for electronic land products than paper products.

“One of the main benefits practitioners [such as lawyers and surveyors] identified for their customers was time saving due to faster transactions. E-dealing transactions are instantaneous,” he says.

At this stage, Linz declines to discuss the detail of any of the options being considered to achieve the 100% online objective.