Forget Vista, look to PCs for power-saving

Make desktops energy-efficient before upgrading, analyst firm says

Microsoft may have tooted the public relations horn about Vista’s power-saving features but organisations would be better off looking at ways they can save electricity on their PCs, according to analyst firm Gartner.

Last month, Microsoft announced the results of tests by UK-based PC Pro Labs that found Vista’s improved power management features could reduce carbon emissions for a business with 200 PCs by 45 tons (40.8 tonnes) annually.

In a research note, Gartner analyst Simon Mingay says businesses could reap similar savings in electricity and carbon dioxide emissions with XP-based systems by educating users on that OS’s management features. He recommends companies remind users to shut down PCs after hours and to remove screen savers and put monitors into stand-by mode after ten minutes of inactivity.

“[But] businesses shouldn’t justify upgrading to Vista just because of improved power management,” he says.