Freeview releases code of practice

You can set up a TV service for $25,000

Freeview is requesting service proposals from new and existing broadcasters wanting to launch services on its new digital platform.

Freeview has also released its code of practice for channel partners, which provides guidelines for anyone interested in setting up a channel, including processes and costs.

"We're intent on ensuring all broadcasters have an opportunity to assess the merits of joining Freeview without prejudice. The code of practice therefore provides a level playing field and will enable all parties to be treated fairly," says Steve Browning, Freeview general manager.

The request for service proposals is open for four weeks. Freeview will work with prospective providers to help them get on air.

The initial cost to provide services on Freeview range from $25,000 for a television service to $5,000 for a radio service. Transmission costs are set separately by transmission providers.

The code of practice is available here.