Intergen launches new software in Las Vegas

Claims world first with 'TextGlow' OOXML tool

Kiwi software developer Intergen is launching software it claims is a world first at the MIX08 conference in Las Vegas this week.

The company's TextGlow product allows users to view Word documents created in Microsoft's controversial Office Open XML format without having to download them and without having Microsoft Office or Word installed on their computers.

“TextGlow is a unique product combining Office Open XML and Silverlight for the first time,” Chris Auld, Intergen’s director of strategy and innovation, said in a statement.

“Microsoft Office documents have traditionally required software to be installed on the local machine. The new XML-based file format, coupled with Silverlight, has allowed us to make documents viewable directly through users’ web browsers,” says Auld.

Auld says Intergen is showing TextGlow with WordprocessingML support on the Silverlight 2.0 Beta announced at MIX. It is not currently discussing support for other OOXML file formats.

He says more details about shipping plans will be released once there is clarity around the Silverlight 2.0 release schedule.

TextGlow was designed and developed by young Intergen developer James Newton-King.

“I saw a real need for a tool like this,” Newton-King says in the statement. “With many organisations storing documents in web-based document management systems such as SharePoint products and technologies, being able to quickly preview documents within the browser is a real productivity boost.”

As one of the first applications to combine Office Open XML and Silverlight, TextGlow is a technological breakthrough. It works cross platform and is freely available to all users.