Govt seeks All-of-Government mobile contract

AoG approach already implemented for PCs, laptops and printers to be extended to mobility

The Government is tendering for an all-of-government mobile voice and data contract, to be implemented by February.

The move to shift government departments to all-of-government contracts for voice and data follows similar recent tenders for printer services and PCs, laptops and computer services, and comes as the government is working through the process of appointing a datacentre services provider under the same arrangement.

Tender documents for the voice and data contract note: “In support of the Government’s Procurement Reform Programme and ICT roadmap, the ICT Centre of Excellence, located at the Department of Internal Affairs, is seeking to implement AoG contract(s) for Mobile Voice and Data Services and Telecommunication Assurance Services, by February 2012.

“The scope of the services under consideration includes expenditure by all Public Service, State Services, State Sector Agencies, Councils and schools for mobile voice and Data and Telecommunications Assurance (billing and service audits) services.”

The ICT Centre of Excellence is holding a supplier briefing on October 10 and the formal RFP (request for proposal) will be released on October 21, or possibly earlier.

Background commentary accompanying the tender notice states: “As part of the Government’s Procurement Reform Programme, the All-of-Government contracts programme involves progressively negotiating supply agreements between the Crown and approved suppliers for selected common-use goods and services.

“By harnessing the collective buying power of over 200 state sector agencies, councils and over 2,400 schools, government has positioned itself as a ‘customer of choice’ and is able to achieve substantial cost savings.

“The AoG contracting approach has wider benefits to agencies, suppliers, and, ultimately, the New Zealand taxpayer.”

The two IT-related contracts already granted under the AoG approach, for printers and PCs/laptops/computer services, resulted in a supplier panel, rather than an individual supplier, being awarded the tender.

The datacentre services contract, which will be provided via an IaaS model, has been narrowed down to a shortlist of IBM, Revera and Datacom.