Plan-b invests $1m

Server and virtualisation capabilities boosted

Business recovery services provider Plan-b has invested just under $1 million over the last month, mostly on our IBM pSeries, Sun and VMware capabilities.

"We upgraded one of our pSeries to eight-way with 32GB RAM, as well as adding 7TB of pSeries disk," says Plan-b's technical director Symon Thurlow.

"We purchased an additional six Sun servers taking the total to nine, including two, four and eight processor machines, as well as over 14TB of Sun disk."

Plan-b also added an additional two IBM VMware ESX servers, each server with 7.2TB of disk, 36GB of RAM and eight cores, taking its ESX capability to 28TB of disk, 32 cores and 144GB of RAM.

Thurlow says Plan-b customers who laready have access to these types of technology automatically get access to the upgraded and additional systems.