Software tester

Recruiter ITmaniacs responds to reader questions
  • David Watson (Unknown Publication)
  • 05 November, 2008 22:00

Software tester writes: I work as part of a team on a number of small and large projects for a telecommunications giant. My day-to-day work involves writing test plans, test cases, estimation, defect logging et cetera, for both GUI and CLI environments. I also use a little SQL while database testing. I work for the local arm of an international consulting company in Christchurch and have been in the role for two years. My skills include CLI functional testing, GUI functional testing, web service testing, knowledge of the telecommunications industry, estimation techniques, Unix (intermediate), SQL (intermediate), C# (beginner), and I am ISTQB-certified. Career highlights include working for one of the biggest IT companies in the world and testing on large projects, which I have been involved in from the very beginning. My qualifications include a Bachelor of IT (with distinction) and ISTQB Foundation level.

ITmaniacs replies: Testing is an interesting field, in that it's either feast or famine for you. The testing "economy" goes hand in hand with the development "economy", and sometimes we have plenty of testers on our books and at other times we can't seem to find enough people like you. I assume that the two years you've been in this role is the extent of your testing career, but in that time you've gained some very well-rounded experience. This, combined with your qualification, would put you in a salary bracket of around the $50,000-$55,000 mark.

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