New Sun tool

Database service updated

Sun has upgraded MySQL Enterprise, its subscription-based service for the open-source MySQL database, adding access to a query analysis tool for tracking and fixing problematic code and performance issues.

The tool allows users to perform real-time analysis of "all queries across all servers", as well as search and sort them according to metrics such as content, date/time and query type, according to Sun.

MySQL users can already investigate poor query performance through the database's "slow query" log, but the new tool makes the process much more efficient, says Rob Young, senior product manager for MySQL Enterprise.

One analyst says the tool is a welcome addition to the service, but not groundbreaking.

"MySQL Query Analyzer is just one of many ways in which MySQL is playing catch-up with more mature DBMS products," says Curt Monash, founder of Monash Research. "It should be helpful to smaller enterprises that do their reporting on MySQL."

The tool has been integrated with MySQL Enterprise Monitor, which helps database administrators track the health of their servers.

Subscribers to the MySQL Enterprise service get monthly software updates, service packs each quarter and "emergency hot fix builds", as well as 24x7 support.

Sun, which announced it was laying off up to 6,000 employees last week, is banking increasingly on software assets like MySQL as its high-end server business continues to struggle.