Auckland Council seeking city-wide contact centre solution

Request for Expression of Interest due January
  • Sarah Putt (Unknown Publication)
  • 18 December, 2011 22:00

Auckland Council is looking to consolidate its city-wide contact centre operation, a year on from amalgamation.

In a Request for Expression of Interest (REOI) issued this month, the council seeks a consistent and stable contact centre solution across the city. The proposed solution must not have a single point of failure and it will need to integrate with Cisco CallManager.

According to the REOI, the existing call centre capability was established by the Auckland Transition Agency in October 2010.

“Auckland Council inherited a call centre service delivery model which was designed to minimize service failure, whilst providing access via a single telephone number,” the REOI states.

“This inherited model, which continues to operate, has call centres located in each of the legacy councils, multiple call centre systems supporting these locations and a single call routing solution.”

This has resulted in the “complications” such as service capability being different in each call centre.

“Existing call centre solutions are in various stages of service life – with the majority being unsupported. This exposes the Council to the risk of one or more system failing with no immediate path of resolution,” the REOI states.

“The longer the current systems operate for, the greater this risk becomes.”

In addition, the document states that “maintaining infrastructure for six different systems, with four different vendors and multiple licensing models is costly and requires significant overhead.”

The REOI is for a contact centre application that will include workforce management and quality monitoring, telephony and infrastructure changes or upgrades, professional services for the design, build and implementation of the contact centre solution, and ongoing operational support.

It is expected around 300 agents will work in contact centres around the city, handling an annual volume of work that includes:

  • Around 3 million calls to the call centre team
  • 164,274 written contacts to the written communication team
  • 77, 235 calls to IS Service Desk.

According to the REOI, currently there are three core Call Centre platforms at Grey's Ave, Henderson and Manukau, each with intelligent links to the Cisco Unified Contact Centre Enterprise hosted by Gen-i. Telephony in eight contact centres located around Auckland is supplied by Nortel, Ericsson, Cisco and Ayaya.

The REOI closes on January 20, 2012.