Predictions 2012: Vodafone CEO eyes up over-the-top competitors

There is no global blueprint for the Ultra Fast Broadband network, writes Vodafone CEO Russell Stanners

As both a mobile network owner and a retail service provider on fixed line networks, Vodafone will be among the New Zealand operators offering products and services in a market dominated by the government-backed Ultra Fast Broadband network. When asked for his thoughts on the ICT industry in 2012, Vodafone CEO Russell Stanners provided the following four challenges:

1. The competitive intensity in the industry will increase, not only from the traditional telcos but also from the new fibre retail service providers and internet and content providers like Google, Facebook and Apple.

2. The Ultra Fast Broadband initiative will continue to transform the industry structure. There is no global blueprint for the industry to follow in this new evolving fibre marketplace. We will be leading the world to build new offerings and business models that will shape our future. This is exciting, challenging and scary all at the same time!

3. Consumer demand will remain weak while investment demands on operators will increase. We are in a global slowdown with much uncertainty as to future growth opportunities. Providing value, innovation and great service will be the key drivers of success.

4. The explosion of data, especially on mobile devices, will continue as the internet rapidly transforms to a personal, anywhere anytime experience.

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