Fry Up: Stephen


A different Fry made it easy to come up with material this week. When British Twitter pal Stephen Fry made the announcement on Monday that he didn’t much fancy New Zealand broadband, the Telecom PR machine went into overdrive - providing plenty of amusement for delegates at the Commerce Commission’s broadband conference. They were treated to a reading from the chair of a statement from the telco given to the media that afternoon – adding a little light relief to an intense first day.

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Auditioning for American Idol

Everybody's favourite pirate managed to escape from Mt. Eden prison this week, thanks in part to his wonderfully patrician lawyer Paul Davison. Mostly, though, it was because of his successful American Idol audition. While the US Government may have thought that Dotcom was trying to take away from the music industry's profitability, it turns out all he really needed was for Steven Tyler and J-Lo to give him some guidance. Telling reporters outside the court that the treatment he has received was "a little bit like an audition to American Idol."

Filming for the next season of American Idol has just begun, and we can't wait to see Dotcom up on that stage singing the Folsom Prison Blues.

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Your seedy internet habits exposed

As if hackers haven't made life embarrassing enough for everyone, it came out yesterday that "video streaming website" YouPorn had been hacked, and the usernames and passwords of many, many people leaked. Of course, none of those people would be dumb enough to use their real names while signing up for a service that records and retains information on what you do when the lights are out, right? Oh, wait a second. It says in my notes here that they did. Well, this is awkward.

Hacker steals one million user logins from YouPorn website

And speaking of awkward...

If you think of yourself as a bit gawky, it could be worse. You could be Kristin.