Seek censors wacky web job ad

Leading Wellington web designers ticked-off for getting too creative

Wellington web design firm Resn has been forced to censor a creative job ad on job site Seek because words such as "drunk", "communist" and "freaks" are considered offensive.

"We didn't know that the word 'communist' is offensive along with the word 'porn' and the word 'freaks'. But Seek said we are allowed to use 'porn' if we were advertising for a secretarial position in the porn industry. Also the word 'drunk' can be seen as offensive too," Resn's digital strategist, Andy Williams, says in an email.

"We understood how the word 'shit' could be offensive though," he concedes.

The original ad is here on Trade Me, and the censored version here.

He says Resn was told by Seek that " won't get anyone replying to a job description written like that".

However, Resn Tweeted the ad and says it has had great feedback from the industry and a recruitment agent.

Williams says personally rang Resn thanked us for a "hilarious and refreshing advert".

— Computerworld is published by Fairfax, which owns Trade Me