Conficker worm cripples Manchester police department

Rogue memorty stick blamed for infection
  • Tim Greene (Unknown Publication)
  • 03 February, 2010 22:00

The Conficker worm is alive and well and has shut down the police network in Manchester, United Kingdom, for the past three days.

One year after it was unleashed, Conficker infects 7 million computers.

The worm infected computers at the Greater Manchester Police, forcing officers there to rely on neighbouring jurisdictions to access the national criminal records database, according to published reports.

Rather than run the risk of infecting the rest of the UK Police National Computer network, the Manchester network was disconnected from it. The worm was brought under control by Monday afternoon, and it was expected that the network would be brought back online sometime Tuesday.

Investigators are leaning toward blaming the outbreak on an infected memory stick that someone plugged into a computer on the network.

The worm, which was discovered in November 2008, continues to morph and spread, with some estimates putting its sphere of influence at 7 million computers. Despite its size, the botnet it controls has rarely been used and usually not in very large numbers. Some investigators theorize that the author doesn't want to attract even more attention, so is keeping the botnet's activity to a minimum.