Fault wipes out TelstraClear email services

UPDATED: and go down overnight.

TelstraClear appears to have repaired its failed email service but is struggling with the rest of its service. Australian owned TelstraClear lost its and services yesterday at around 4.50pm and failed to get them back online until a limited resumption by around 8.30am. The company's helpdesk was not responding to calls while the advice on their web page said "Telstraclear has lost contact with their email servers. Our technicians are currently working on this. Please do not change your password." The nationwide outage was not reported on TelstraClear's own website and while limited email services are now working, the website itself has crashed. UPDATED (9:50am):

TelstraClear spokesperson David Courtney emailed Computerworld the following update:

Our mail servers went off-line yesterday evening:

- All of our TelstraClear Paradise and ClearNet email users were affected.

- Our focus is on restoring services as soon as possible and staff have worked through the night on this issue.

- The process of recovery is now underway and some users have had email services restored.

- We anticipate that all services will be restored by later today.

UPDATE: (10.45am):

The servers went down around 5pm yesterday and the first email server was restored around 8am this morning.

The outage meant customers could send but not receive email.

We anticipate that all servers will be restored by early afternoon.

The focus has been on restoring email as soon as possible without losing customer's email. We anticipate no email will have been lost, however we cannot confirm this until all email servers are restored.