Real time network monitoring takes off at Amsterdam Airport

Major airport works with UK monitoring specialist to achieve consolidated view of its network

Schiphol Telematics, telecom operator for Amsterdam Airport, which this morning was evacuated following a bomb threat, has completed roll-out of Opsview Enterprise - the network monitoring tool from UK-based Opsview.

The implementation has helped Schiphol gain a real time view of performance across all areas of the network and improve service delivery to 500+ customers who are reliant on critical airport operations such as flight information systems, payment systems and baggage handling.

The airport is responsible for delivering voice, data and internet services to customers including local retailers, offices and major airlines such as KLM, so meeting service level agreemetns is essential.

"Our network had grown significantly over the past few years and we'd ended up managing three different monitoring solutions. Rather than continuing with the segmented approach, we were looking to find one single solution that would provide a view of all areas of our network. This would give us the level of visibility needed to ensure that all our services were performing in line with business needs," said Ata Koycu, senior product manager at Schiphol Telematics.

Schiphol is using Opsview Enterprise to monitor all areas of the network and feed performance information into a single dashboard. This consolidated approach to monitoring has helped Schiphol respond to network problems more quickly and improve the overall quality of IT services.

"We're delighted with the results so far," commented Koycu. "Our old monitoring solutions were becoming more of a hindrance than a help. Opsview has quickly become a key tool for us as we try to deliver the best possible service."