Branch offices offered new solution

AST Networks, a business unit of the AST Group, has launched the Philips Business Communications' SOPHO IPS DMR, an IP Telephony solution for branch offices.

The SOPHO IPS DMR, according to the company, is a new remote component added to the portfolio of Philips' IP Communication Servers. It provides a distributed solution for branch offices while retaining full system transparency, AST adds.

"The option ranks among the best in the industry, and is welcome news for companies considering VoIP," claims Keith Bothma, sales manager for AST Networks.

Furthermore, the company notes, it offers remote survivability by automatically connecting to the public network in case of IP network connection interruption with the central site. According to AST, the IPS DMR subsequently converts the remote office to act as a stand-alone system until the IP network is restored.

The company says that by using IP technology to make voice communications systems more resilient against component as well as LAN or WAN interruptions, the IPS DMR provides the SOPHO 2000 IPS Communication Servers with good survivability.