AT&T offers Web services

FRAMINGHAM (03/10/2004) - AT&T Corp. this week announced it is jumping into the Web services arena with an offering called WebService Connect.

AT&T is teaming with Web services firm Grand Central Networks Inc. to offer WebService Connect, which will allow users to securely share business processes and applications over the Internet. The carrier says customers will be able to store and share applications developed either in-house or by third parties using the WebService Connect architecture.

This is the first time AT&T is teaming with Grand Central on a service.

AT&T also announced that Thomson Financial, an operating unit of The Thomas Corp., is one of the carrier's first WebService Connect customers.

Thomas Financial says customers will be able to use the firm's services and applications on demand, in the format and on the systems of their choice.

The service is available now. Pricing was not available at press time.