CEBIT - LG Electronics enters the notebook market

JOHANNESBURG (03/16/2004) - LG Electronics Inc. (LGE) has introduced its range of notebooks into the local market, with mobility and styling being the key focus of its offering, the company says. The local range currently includes the top-end LM50, with the smaller LM40 to follow soon.

Johann van Wyk, national sales manager for ICT Products at LGE SA, explains, "LG has already established a strong reputation within the ICT sector, by manufacturing notebooks on an OEM basis for other brands, and now the LG brand is ready to be extended to LG-branded notebooks."

With a 15-inch LCD screen, DVD/CD-RW Combo and six-hour battery life (standard battery), the LM50 has been recognized by the IF Design Forum, and will be receiving the prestigious IF Design award at this year's CeBIT show in Hanover, LGE says.

LG is banking on mobility as the key differentiator for the range. Both models feature LG's Power Management Technology, which aims to ensure up to six hours of battery life (10 hours with optional nine-cell battery).

The Power Management System, which works in conjunction with existing Windows power management functions, controls the screen brightness levels and audio options, LGE says. The LM50 also aims to allow real-time access, via an onscreen display, to the battery power levels, allowing users to manage the power save functions, so that they can plan your work time.

All LG notebooks come standard with Intel Corp.'s Centrino technology and blue indicator lights on the cover and keyboard deck that are activated when you are connected to a wireless network, LGE says. Both models are equipped with a Quad Band Antenna, that provides one 802.11b band and three 802.11a bands, aiming to ensure that a wide range of receivable channels is accessible.

Van Wyk concludes by adding that the range will be exclusively available through Bethesda Computers, with LG expanding its distribution channel as demand picks up. "LG's entry into the notebook market is a prime example of LG's strategic shift away from OEM business, into building upon its own brand equity," he concludes.