Firms sales strategy embraces new channels

JOHANNESBURG (02/06/2004) - Authorized distributor of Motorola Inc. handsets and original accessories, Lipton Griffin International (LGI) is poised to take an even larger slice of the local mobile products pie in 2004.

That is according to the company's GM, Greg Lipton.

The firm set the stage for its aggressive 2004 sales strategy with several moves in recent months. This included the revamping and re-naming of its Sandton-based 'Motorola Customer Service Centre' to 'Intelligence Centre'.

The center is a totally customer-focused establishment and the largest Motorola service center in the EMEA region. Its high-tech facilities are geared for the warranty repair of Motorola products, as well as walk-in retail sales of all Motorola cellular handsets and accessories.

Another initiative was the launch of the world's first online Moto-shop, a joint LGI and Motorola venture. This online shop, accessible via or, offers the full range of Motorola products and accessories, including the very latest releases. Here customers can view all products and product information before either purchasing online, or proceeding to a physical store to do so.

Says Lipton: "Traditional sales channels alone are not enough to satisfy the mobile handsets and accessories customer. This is a demanding consumer and understandably so, given that the cellphone has become so much more than just a mobile telephone. Nowadays it is a pervasive lifestyle tool, and often a status symbol, whose form is as important to its user as its function.

"The purchase decision is therefore usually a considered one, made only after the user has thoroughly investigated all the alternatives available to fulfill their technological, lifestyle and personality needs.

And, while they may take their time in making the decision, once decided, theirs is a need for instant gratification. Our strategy is therefore to ensure that our products are available via several different channels, including the all-important traditional dealer channel, as well as alternates like the Intelligence Centre and Moto-shop."

As regards the question of why LGI and Motorola would want to compete with their established sales channels, Lipton is adamant that this is not the case.