Ernst & Young LLP

Ernst & Young LLP

Lyndhurst, N.J.

Number of Employees: 22596

Number of IT Employees: 1086

IT Employee Promotions in 2003: 12 percent

IT Employee Turnover in 2003: 3 percent

Percentage of women IT managers: 23 percent

Percentage of minority IT managers: 14 percent

Percentage of women IT staff: 24 percent

Percentage of minority IT staff: 42 percent

Training days offered per IT employee in 2003: 4

Training budget per IT employee in 2003*: US$2100

What's special?

This U.S. division of Ernst & Young International provides accounting, consulting, tax and legal services from its offices throughout the U.S. All IT workers can take advantage of an adviser program through which they can receive assistance with professional growth choices and meeting career goals, which includes a collection of online self-assessment tools and central repositories of reference materials and resources. The company also has an in-house technology education group.

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