Acxiom Corp.

Acxiom Corp.

Little Rock, Ark.

Number of Employees: 4229

Number of IT Employees: 1923

IT Employee Promotions in 2003: 5 percent

IT Employee Turnover in 2003: 6 percent

Percentage of women IT managers: 15 percent

Percentage of minority IT managers: 5 percent

Percentage of women IT staff: 27 percent

Percentage of minority IT staff: 14 percent

Training days offered per IT employee in 2003: 4

Training budget per IT employee in 2003*: US$1200

What's special?

This technology provider helps clients store, integrate and analyze customer data. The company is regularly used as a testing ground for its primary vendors' new products and services. Self-directed career tracks allow for internal transfer or redeployment. Its employee-created TResNet is a community of technical associates that shares knowledge of new technologies, current project activities and third-party projects. All this is accomplished through online cross-company forums and an annual symposium for all technical associates.

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