GTech Corp.

GTech Corp.

West Greenwich, R.I.

Number of Employees: 2985

Number of IT Employees: 498

IT Employee Promotions in 2003: 9 percent

IT Employee Turnover in 2003: 3 percent

Percentage of women IT managers: 17 percent

Percentage of minority IT managers: 14 percent

Percentage of women IT staff: 21 percent

Percentage of minority IT staff: 23 percent

Training days offered per IT employee in 2003: 10

Training budget per IT employee in 2003*: US$2000

What's special?

GTech Holdings is the world's No. 1 operator of lottery systems, supplying or operating lotteries for more than 80 customers in 44 countries. The IT department has two processes to reward employees for thinking creatively. The Idea Factory enables IT employees to formally submit ideas about new products, services and business opportunities. If an employee's concept is approved, he receives $1,000. Successful inventors in another program are awarded $1,000 upon application for a patent, and another $1,000 award if the patent is granted. Nearly 30 percent of the IT workforce is professionally certified.

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