Freddie Mac Inc.

Freddie Mac Inc.

McLean, Va.

Number of Employees: 4218

Number of IT Employees: 1196

IT Employee Promotions in 2003: 13 percent

IT Employee Turnover in 2003: 6 percent

Percentage of women IT managers: 38 percent

Percentage of minority IT managers: 46 percent

Percentage of women IT staff: 41 percent

Percentage of minority IT staff: 54 percent

Training days offered per IT employee in 2003: 10

Training budget per IT employee in 2003*: US$1615

What's special?

A shareholder-owned, government-sponsored organization, Freddie Mac purchases, secures and invests in home mortgages. With manager approval, Freddie Mac employees can report to work between 7 and 9:30 a.m. and leave 7.75 hours later. Freddie Mac's Web-based VIP Concierge service provides staff with everything from florists to dog-walkers. The company also offers near-site child care, an onsite nurse, tuition reimbursement, employer-paid professional or trade association membership and annual bonuses. A leadership development program helps sharpen the supervisory skills of IT employees.

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