Anacubis desktop app maps data

FRAMINGHAM (09/24/2003) - Back in the day, connecting the dots was as easy as following footprints. But in a networked, automated, high-throughput world, it's difficult enough to gather data in one digital location much less on a single screen for easy viewing.

An Anacubis visualization of the Biogen and IDEC merger allows someone with a Web browser to click on links of interest and possibly spot previously unseen connections between the two.

Building on a Web browser plug-in, Anacubis now offers a standalone application combining information from internal and proprietary sources. The company's new Desktop software automatically creates a map of relevant and inter-related nodes. Clicking on a point or a link between points, a user can see what is known about a topic in question, whether it's a molecule, a patent, or a competitor.

The software depends upon specially tagged content from supported information providers, including D&B, Questel·Orbit, or LexisNexis. Individual users can also drag and drop XML-friendly information from those sources, as well as their own Anacubis-enabled Web browsers, into the Anacubis application. The product synthesizes all the information to create a consolidated view of the topic in an expandable and collapsible starburst pattern.

Anacubis traces its roots to the law enforcement and intelligence communities. A few large secret agencies have taught its parent, the i2 Group, how to work with sprawling sets of data far too large for individuals to scan by eye.

"We have seen how important clues and critical pieces of intelligence can only come to light when you can see, literally, how one piece of information is linked to another," Greg Coyle, general manager at Anacubis, said in a press release. "Our goal is to give business analysts and researchers a new view of their worlds. Instead of facing information overload and spreadsheet overkill, they have actionable intelligence in just a few mouse clicks."

Among other features, the software allows information to be viewed in a tabular format similar to Microsoft Excel, allowing easy sorting and addition or removal of individual columns of data.

Vendor: i2 Group

Product Name: Anacubis Desktop

Availability: Now/US$1,500 for single-user license

For more information: +1-(703) 313-8875; or

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