Bateleur clinches first international sales

JOHANNESBURG (11/25/2003) - Local software specialist, Bateleur Software Solutions Pty. Ltd., says that it has made inroads into international markets with sales of its locally-developed utility software in Ireland and France.

Through its reciprocal distribution agreements with U.K.-based Blenheim Software International Ltd. and French company Fairware Computing, Bateleur has sold both ZipDitto, its zip utility software, and Adasplit, its archiving utility.

Bateleur's range of utilities for the Software AG Adabas/Natural database environments is also distributed through partnership agreements with Software AG in Germany and CCA Software in Australia and Asia.

Sam Selmer-Olsen, director of Bateleur Software Solutions, says, "We are looking forward to establishing close working relationships with other industry leaders, and further strengthening our presence in global markets."

The Bateleur product portfolio includes the Adasplit archiving utility, the Adasort sequencing utility, ZipDitto zip utility software and Estrip, an extender for the Adastrip data extraction utility.

"These products solve very real problems for large organizations which are constantly striving to streamline the way they process vast volumes of data," Selmer-Olsen adds. "This need exists across industries and countries, which is why our products address a gap in the market and deliver tangible benefits to our customers."

For example, ZipDitto achieves high rates of compression in impressively short time frames. Using ZipDitto, a local financial services firm has cut its transmission time for a file between Johannesburg and Cape Town from 30 hours to three hours and 20 minutes.

Adasplit is an archiving utility which aims to allow very large database users to remove data from their files for archive purposes at very high speed.

A Government department used Adasplit to remove about 80m Adabas records from three related files containing 180m records.

Previous attempts to do this had been unsuccessful, and the Natural code developed to do it threatened to run for many months of solid processing time. Adasplit accomplished the task in less than 30 hours, the department says.

Adasort is a sequencing utility which is designed to allow high-volume users to sort their Adabas files into an agreeable descriptor sequence for improvement of batch processing times.

Using Adasort to sequence 16 major files before month end, a large local bank says that it was able to reduce its batch window for month-end processing by nearly 60 percent.

Estrip is an extender for Adastrip, a data extraction utility for Adabas C. It aims to enable users to strip data from related parent/child file relationships.

Further add-ons include options for creating extracts for reporting purposes, data warehouse, operational data store, archive or faster production processing, the company says.

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