Nyriad teams with Datacom to add blockchain security to data storage

Nyriad says the platform and services being developed will incorporate advanced GPU-accelerated storage and blockchain technologies

Datacom has signed an exclusive agreement with Cambridge (NZ)-based 'exascale storage' company Nyriad under which Nyriad will develop and deploy a next-generation computational storage system for secure, collaborative processing of data in the Australian market.

Nyriad says the platform and services being developed will incorporate advanced GPU-accelerated storage and blockchain technologies and will "enable government, academia and private sector organisations to securely share resources, allowing collaborative data analysis while adhering to provable strict privacy and security standards."

Nyriad says it will work with Datacom to implement the platform for Australian pilot customers with the intention of a full commercial roll out during 2020.

Datacom managing director group products & marketing, Jonathan Usher, said that combining the transformational power of Nyriad’s technology with Datacom's cloud services would provide value to Datacom customers.

“Our customers will not only be able to transform and analyse their data on Nyriad’s data fabric, additionally they will have a full real-time audit trail ensuring that the data has not been tampered with in any way, which is particularly important for medical, judicial and government data.

"The technology also greatly reduces the cost of the infrastructure required to store data, increases the speed that data can be written and retrieved and reduces power consumption by up to 60 percent as compared to traditional storage solutions.”

Nyriad’s field CTO, Dr Todd Papaioannou, said Nyriad's GPU-accelerated storage platform provided vast amounts of processing capacity when compared to traditional storage solutions.

“Our next-generation data fabric harnesses the power of the GPU to deliver breakthrough storage performance. And that’s where things start to get interesting.

"The massive processing capacity of the GPU allows us to run artificial intelligence and machine learning models directly on the storage, as well as advanced cryptographic encryption with a blockchain audit ledger in real-time."

Nyriad was formed in 2014 by Kiwi serial-inventor Matthew Simmons and American graphical processing pioneer Alex St John, who co-incidentally were both living in Cambridge.

The company started with a few students learning extremely parallel computer programming in St John’s garage and has since has grown to a team of over 50 engineers.

The company describes itself as a New Zealand-based exascale computing company specialising in advanced data storage solutions for big data and high performance computing that was born out of consulting work on the Square Kilometre Array radio telescope project.

In April 2017 Nyriad scored a key role developing technology to process the enormous volumes of data that will be generated by the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) radio telescope project. 

In August 2017 the New Zealand Government’s Catalyst fund provide $ 384,000 funding for a collaboration between Nyriad and the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research in Western Australia (ICRAR).


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