Kiwis and Koreans the biggest fans of smart TVs

IDC has proclaimed New Zealand to be leading the world in smart TV adoption

IDC has proclaimed New Zealand to be leading the world in smart TV adoption, with 44 percent of households owning one, a take-up rate second only to Korea.

IDC says also that the adoption rate for 4K TVs in New Zealand has doubled to 20 percent in the past 12 months, slightly above the worldwide average of 19 percent. However, less than half of 4KTV buyers in New Zealand surveyed by IDC said the 4K capability influenced their purchasing decision.

Alex Yuen, IDC New Zealand market analyst for client devices, said this finding suggests that over half of New Zealand consumers purchased 4K TVs for their inbuilt 'smart” capabilities, rather than the 4K picture quality.

The figures come from IDC's 2018 ConsumerScape 360 study, which estimates that New Zealanders now own an average of 4.20 electronic devices, of which 77 percent are 'smart devices', up from 67 percent in 2017.

IDC defines a smart device as one that can connect to the internet and has the ability to run rich-featured operating systems

Yuen said the findings "reinforce the underlying trend we have seen in recent years, where New Zealand's overall digital uptake has been steadily growing, to the point where it has reached global parity, and is now quietly exceeding other countries in many areas."

He said a major factor driving smart TV adoption has been New Zealand's growing thirst for online video streaming services. "In 2018, 33 percent of New Zealanders were streaming online video, up from 26 percent in 2017.

"The worldwide average for online video streaming is now also at 33 percent. In previous years, New Zealand trailed worldwide adoption by an average of three percent. This increase further highlights the convergence of New Zealand with worldwide consumer preferences."


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