2LD discussion document released

AUCKLAND (10/02/2003) - The Domain Name Commissioner (DNC) has released a discussion document on remodelling the second level domain (2LD) in New Zealand.

A moratorium on new 2LDs was introduced in September last year to allow InternetNZ to review the process whereby 2LDs were created and even whether the second level was necessary at all.

Only four new names have been submitted since the current 2LD policy was introduced in 1996 -- .bank.nz failed twice while .maori.nz and .geek.nz were accepted.

Questions have been raised in the past about the length of time each application takes to process. The procedure as it stands currently includes two month-long discussion periods, a straw poll, two votes by council and payment of a $1000 application fee.

"The process is seen by some as overly drawn out," says the discussion document. "Some people believe there is not enough thorough consideration of applications involved; some believe the InternetNZ Council is not an appropriate body to make the final decision; some believe the second submission period (which is usually short) is an unnecessary duplication of the first; other forms of public input may be more relevant or useful in making a decision."

Steven Heath, one of the working group who put together the document, says it's a good introduction to the subject and he hopes it will achieve its desired result.

"It's a conversation starter. It's about width not depth."

He says the paper is designed to stimulate discussion based on two main areas.

"Do we change the way we introduce new names and do we need to bother with second level domains at all?" Discussion and feedback is sought by Nov. 10.

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