ePaper tells Hamilton residents when the bus is coming

Waikato Regional Council is trialling ePaper based signage

Waikato Regional Council is trialling ePaper based signage at bus stops in Hamilton  from Australian company Mercury Innovation, supplied by Auckland based Radiola Smart Transit ,that provide real-time information on expected bus arrival times.

To date the solar-powered signs have been installed at five bus stops on Grey Street, Anzac Parade, Lynden Court, Whatawhata Road and The Base.

Radiola Smart Transit, a subsidiary of Radiola Aerospace, has been supplying LED signage providing similar information to the Waikato Regional Council since 2006. The company says the new signs can be read in bright sunlight and provide more information.

Mercury Innovation launched the sign, the eStop along with ePaper based signs for parking restrictions and clearways at the Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress in Melbourne in October 2016.

Radiola Smart Transit’s executive director Richard Thompson said:  “They were the first to use e-paper display technology for road clearway signage, something they’ve been doing now for a few years.

“We came to them with the concept for the display units because we knew they had years of experience working with this technology.

This is the first time they’ve made smaller display sizes, but it’s working brilliantly. Their innovation and expertise has been adapted into a sturdy sign that can withstand the elements.”

He said the signs had been in use for just over a month. “Passengers seem to really appreciate having bus arrival times available immediately like this.” He predicted usage of the signs would spread to bus routes throughout the country, replacing static paper signs and LED displays.

“The signs are also controlled remotely, and updates to signage can be made in seconds,” he said. “Graphically, there’s loads of potential to move into using images and other screen customisation, which would be great for advertising.”


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