Got guts and a social conscience? Internet Party wants you

The Internet Party has put out a call via its Facebook page for candidates for the General Election

The Internet Party has put out a call via its Facebook page for candidates for the General Election scheduled for 23 September saying it is looking for “people with guts and a social conscience … empathy, life experience and a love for the Internet."  

It adds: “We want to replace the Politics-major-to-Parliament-pipeline. The future is real people running their own country!” As of 18 July the page said and official statement from the candidate support team would follow soon.  

The Party announced in May that it would contest the election. At the time its web site had six slots for candidates but by June that had grown to 14 with the only one filled being that taken by recently appointed leader Suzie Dawson.  

Announcing the call for candidates, Dawson said: "In the past, being a politician required a politics major and years of grooming for the position. That resulted in an insulated political environment of narrow-mindedness, rife with corruption.  

“In 2017, we deserve a modern government, capable of confronting all of the major issues that political elites love to sweep under the rug. To #UpdateNZ we need everyday people who know what is really going on, to step up and participate.”  

She added: “Internet Party is about helping New Zealanders to create change and a big part of that is our commitment to taking Parliament out of the hands of political elites and giving that power back to our fellow citizens."  

New Zealand residency does not appear to be a prerequisite for eligibility. Campaign team co-ordinator Bill Urale said: “Even if you live around the world, you are still from the Land of the Long White Cloud, you are from the South Pacific. Join us."  

Details on how to apply can be found on the candidates page of the official Internet Party website.  

The party in June announced that it would live-stream behind-the-scenes campaign activity in real time, starting June 27, via


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