Assay platform released to Z'-LYTE of all

FRAMINGHAM (10/23/2003) - The Z'-LYTE assay platform from Invitrogen Corp. is a fluorescence-based biochemical detection technology used to screen for potential inhibitors of protein kinases and phosphatases. Designed for high-throughput screening applications, Z'-LYTE employs the Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) assay method for quick assay development and consistent results.

Compatible with most automated systems, Z'-LYTE does not require radioactive or antibody-based reagents. Invitrogen offers custom assay development services for increased flexibility.

BLAzing New Trails Invitrogen is also promoting GeneBLAzer Technology research tools, a reporter technology based on the enzyme ß-lactamase. The company acquired the rights to GeneBLAzer from Pan Vera in March.

Vendor: Invitrogen

Product Name: Z'-LYTE

Availability: Now

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