Snapbridge, Teamstudio boost XML, Java

SAN FRANCISCO (03/09/2004) - Snapbridge Software Inc. and Teamstudio Inc. on Tuesday are unveiling development tools for XML and Java, respectively.

Snapbridge is announcing Snapbridge XStudio 2.5, a drag-and-drop development environment for building XML-based information processing solutions, the company said. Developers can choreograph the integration and publication of data and content without coding or data schemas, according to Snapbridge.

Based on the company's FDX technology for information integration, XStudio is intended to provide new levels of ease of use. Developers can point directly to live XML data regardless of schemas, change output requirements in real-time, map XML to HTML, and work with databases, flat files, and Web services.

Version 2.5 supports the creation of XSLT (XSL Transformation) to choreograph the federation and publication of data and content, the company said. Stylesheets are generated via a drag-and-drop interface.

"Other products that are out there on the market basically require you to know syntax for XSL (Extensible Stylesheet Language), and our product does not," said Benjamin Chen, CTO and chairman of Snapbridge.

XStudio 2.5 is priced at US$199 per developer seat and is available on Tuesday.

Teamstudio is releasing Edition 5 of its Teamstudio for Java suite. Featured is a new tool, Thread Profiler v1.0, which detects threading deadlocks in a developer's program as they happen, terminating the application and showing which monitors and threads were involved, the company said. The software also indicates how much time the program spent threading.

Also featured in the package is Memory Profiler V2.0, featuring heap analysis graphs that provide at-a-glance views of heap size and usage, object count, and garbage collector overhead. A heap is where Java stores all objects that are allocated, Teamstudio said.

Additionally, developers can select any region of the graphs to see which methods were involved for the selected heap activity.

"For each allocation, we will show how many objects that method allocated," said Mark Dixon, CTO of Teamstudio.

Per-allocation metrics in V2.0 provide detailed information on allocations within a profiled method and its children methods, allows navigation down method call graph to quickly locate memory-intensive method calls, and jumps from the snapshot to the method source code.

Support for Borland JBuilder X also is featured in the suite. "Our product integrates with the (JBuilder) IDE," Dixon said.

Shipping now, Teamstudio Edition 5 is priced at $495 per developer.

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