Global gong for Northpower Fibre’s NG-PON2 trial

Northpower Fibre’s NG-PON2 supplier, Calix is very much leading the push for NG-PON2

Northpower Fibre’s world-first trial of Next-Generation Passive Optical Network 2 (NG-PON2) technology in a live network, announced in February, has received recognition from the global Broadband Forum as it establishes a new council focused on NG-PON2.

The new council has been formed by the Broadband Forum integrating the former NG-PON2 Forum in a move it said would accelerate the development of NG-PON2 as operators show increasing interest in the technology.

“At the recent FTTH Council Conference 2017, it was noted that several operators are conducting lab or field trials, aiming for deployments in the near future,” the Forum said. “Northpower Fibre announced that it held the world’s first NG-PON2 demonstration in a live network, delivering 10 Gbps speeds over multiple wavelengths to hubs located in a business premises and residential home in Whangarei, New Zealand.”

Dr Vincent O’Byrne, director of technology at Verizon and a board member of the former NG-PON2 Forum, said: “I see the move of the NG-PON2 Forum into the Broadband Forum as recognition that not only is NG-PON2 technology a maturing technology, but of the industry’s interest in seeing NG-PON2 succeed. Establishing the NG-PON2 Council is an important milestone and a meaningful step for NG-PON2 and the industry.”

Northpower Fibre’s NG-PON2 supplier, Calix is very much leading the push for NG-PON2. Bernd Hesse, senior director of technology development at Calix, founded and was president of the NG-PON2 Forum and is now chair of the new NG-PON2 council within the Broadband Forum.

NG-PON2 was standardised by the ITU in 2015 as ITU-T G.989. It uses multiple wavelengths of light each carrying data at 10Gbps, in contrast to the single wavelength of 2.5Gbps of the GPON standard. It enables a single fibre to serve four customers of four different retail service providers with a 10Gbps symmetrical service.

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