Calling all vendors... What’s your 2015’s New Years anti-resolutions?

There’s a lot of “undesirable activity” going on out there in the ICT industry...

For the past several years, Jeffrey Mann, analyst, Gartner, has written a series of blog posts on anti-resolutions for the new year.

According to Mann, publishing predictions in a blog or video post around this time of year is “easy and predictable.”

“So I won’t,” he says. “If lots of people do something, that usually makes me want to not do it.”

For Mann’s resolutions are “anti” in several ways.

“The main one is that these are not things that I intend to do, but are hopes and polite suggestions about what other people should do,” he explains.

“That is much easier. Anti-resolutions also suit the way that analysts work; we rarely do stuff, but we comment a lot on what other people or organisations should do.

“Most of the resolutions are also “anti” because they describe something that I hope won’t happen rather than new things that should happen.”

Mann’s belief is that there’s a lot of “undesirable activity” going on out there in the ICT industry, and as a result, in his own words he provides his Top 3 New Year’s anti-resolutions…

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