Tablets / smartphones becoming "go-to devices" across enterprise

Mobile devices are increasingly becoming the first go-to device for communications and content consumption.

As the first connection to the enterprise infrastructure, Wi-Fi brings workers the ability to choose any device and move anywhere without worry.

Security measures such as 802.1X were first broadly introduced in Wi-Fi, and there have been no reports of any serious break-ins during the long history of the technology, once Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption was introduced.

Furthermore, cabling systems or even peer-to-peer (P2P) wireless solutions using technologies that offer cable replacement have had to deal with a variety of different connectors challenges, such as USB and micro-USB, as video systems move beyond Video Graphics Array (VGA).

“Additions, moves and changes are costly inconveniences that waste time for enterprise IT organisations," Dulaney adds.

"A move can sometimes involve cabling changes that can cost as much as $1,000 to route and configure a connector to the right place.

“With Wi-Fi printers, desktops and other devices, all that is required is a cable to the power source, leaving workers free to move themselves making reconfigurations of offices easier.

"Because of these many benefits, we expect many organizations to shift to a wireless-by-default and a wired-by-exception model.”

By 2020, 75 percent of smartphone buyers will pay less than $100 for a device

By 2018, 78 percent of global smartphone sales will come from developing economies.

New buyers in these regions are rapidly transitioning to utility and basic smartphones, helped by declining average selling prices (ASPs).

By contrast, the premium smartphone category has reached saturation levels as demand is mainly driven by replacement users and has begun to slow down.

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