Calling all Kiwis... How to grab a top IT job in NZ

It doesn’t matter whether you graduated 3, 13, or 30 years ago, it’s all about lifelong learning.

It doesn’t matter whether you graduated 3, 13, or 30 years ago, it’s all about lifelong learning. And the further up the corporate ladder you climb, the more knowledge you will be expected to possess.

According to Absolute IT, a New Zealand specialist recruitment firm, the IT industry is especially pertinent to this concept.

So much so that as technological advances are made daily, those who keep up with the play are in a prime position to nab the top IT jobs in any organisation, in any industry.

Professional Development…

Irrespective of how long you have been working in your current IT job, Grant Burley, Absolute IT Director, believes it’s important to continually develop your professional skill set, in depth and in breadth.

“A lot of companies will provide training to ensure their employees are well equipped to meet the demands their role is expected to meet,” he says.

“However, going above and beyond what is expected of you will make you stand out against your contemporaries in regards to promotions.”

Regardless of what your KPI’s may be, Burley believes if you are looking seriously at furthering your career in the IT industry, you need to be on the look out for professional development opportunities, both inside and outside of your organisation.

If there are professional development courses you find outside of what your company offers, Burley says it’s never out of question to ask whether or not your employee would be willing to fund external courses.

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What employers are looking for…

Employers are always looking at skill sets when it comes to hiring, regardless of whether you are currently working in the public or private sector (below are the skilled areas in which employers are planning to recruit in 2014).

“If you already have an IT job and are considering your career path, it’s important to note that internal hires are never out of the question,” Burley adds.

“If your organisation is currently recruiting for higher level positions, you have the advantage of already working for the company and understanding its core value system.

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“Never be afraid to express your interest in developing your IT career further and assert your desire to be promoted.”

What IT Jobs pay the most?

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It’s the inevitable question all workers in the IT industry ask, below are latest figures showing the highest salary increases for IT jobs.

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