SCO vs the rest: IBM must file Friday, Novell too

SAN FRANCISCO (03/19/2004) - "It is hereby ordered that Defendant may have until March 19, 2004, to respond to Plaintiff's Second Amended Complaint," wrote the Honorable Dale A. Kimball. And so today we can expect the next chapter in the long-running The SCO Group Inc. vs IBM Corp. saga, as Big Blue files its response to the SCO complaint in question.

Commentators are saying that the whole case is going to boil down to the clauses in the original AT&T Corp. /IBM contracts. One required IBM to keep the code in confidentiality and another stipulated that IBM must treat derivative works the same as the original product, even where IBM owns the derivative works.

The key question is does the confidentiality clause only apply to Sys V code that appears in AIX, or does it apply to everything?

Since mid-February, SCO's stock has fallen 36 percent from the high US$13 to close Wednesday at $8.74.

Stand by for further LinuxWorld reports as the story unfolds during the day or over the weekend. . .

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