Ixiasoft enhances XML database

Ixiasoft Inc. on Monday will introduce a beta version of its Textml Server 3.0 database product for native XML storage, featuring boosted security.

The company said reliability and productivity have been enhanced as well.

"Textml Server is a repository indexing engine and search engine, which is designed to be embedded in a custom app," said Marc Cyrenne, product director at Ixiasoft.

Unlike relational databases, Textml was designed for XML document storage, he said. "It's not trying to retrofit new features," Cyrenne said. The product is geared toward the original equipment manufacturer and system integrator markets.

Security enhancements include having settings to restrict access to the server. Access can be assigned to documents, collections, and document bases to allow for more granular security, Ixiasoft said.

Version control has been improved to feature settings for managing multiple versions of a document, access to previous versions, and the ability to control versions being maintained. An API allows for inclusion of versioning within an application.

To improve reliability, the new Replication Search Agent in the product can be distributed on multiple servers, with a master server acting as a publisher of content to one or many subscribers, according to Ixiasoft.

The repository in Textml can be hierarchical to group content within collections in each document base, Cyrenne said.

Textml 3.0 ships in November or December.

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